Et Cetera

Here is a collection of odds and ends about me and my unremarkable (so far) career as a guitarist.

Here’s a short example of me playing a solo from an original song called Anything You Want. This was recorded in 1992 with my band at the time, Second Glance.

Here’s a cover of Sympathy for the Devil that my band Love Blender recorded around 1994. My best friend Andy is singing. A good friend from San Marcos High School (go Rattlers!), Loyd Blankenship, is rocking the bass, a dude I barely knew named Andy Somethingorother is playing the drums, and Todd Frenzel is on the keys. My solo starts around 3 minutes in.

Here’s a short video clip of me playing a solo with my band Second Glance at the Cannibal Club in Austin, circa 1989.

I’m digging through some old tapes and photos and stuff to see what else I can upload. Stay tuned…