Solo #15 Pink Floyd Time 3:30 – 5:00

The whole song is here. Solo starts at 3:30.

dark-side-of-the-moonThere’s a reason that Dark Side of the Moon was one of the highest selling albums ever released. It’s just so well crafted, each song flowing seamlessly into to the next in what would soon become a Pink Floyd trademark. It’s filled throughout with sound effects, long intros, instrumental songs and classic radio hits like Time, Money and Us & Them.

My Dad used to play this album for me when I was 9 or 10. It wasn’t just one song here or there. He would put on the album and we would sit in the living room and listen to the whole thing. I remember liking it, but not loving it. It was kind of creepy and I found the strange voices, heartbeats and screams distracting. The ringing clocks at the beginning of Time were always surprising and jarring, but I do remember loving the long slow-building intro with the epic rototom drum pieces that perfectly built up and flowed into the beginning of the song.

I don’t have any specific memory of loving the guitar solo as a child, but later when I became a David Gilmour fan, I would marvel at the beauty of his solos, and Time is no exception. It’s brilliantly put together, with bends all over the place, including half-steps, whole bends, double bends, reverse bends, tremolo and even a tricky 1 1/2 step bend at the very top of the neck. It’s gorgeous and challenging, and I think it will be fun to learn as well.

I’ve borrowed a friend’s Strat again so I can try to capture the classic Gilmour sound. Can’t wait to dive in.


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Here’s a video of Gilmour performing the solo live at the Royal Albert Hall: